Rock Paper Scissors review by Bryn!

When you have a piece of paper, scissors, a rock, and tape, anything can happen.  You can make a bird, have a hula skirt, become a soldier, or create a friendship.  Ollie and Yuki did all those things especially the friendship part.  It started off very rocky, with both of them losing the things they loved the most.  The wonderful puppeteer makes the friendship blossom with the help of rock, paper, and scissors, plus tape, to fix all the problems. 

     After interviewing cast member David Dickinson, (Yuki) I learned many more things about the show.  I was amazed to see David Dickinson playing the violin.  Afterwards, I was curious to learn whether or not he knew how to play the violin.  He replied that he did know how; he had learned in fourth grade but didn’t start really knowing how until sixth grade, and continued on to college.  I don’t want to give away too much, but the stage is magically transformed with … paper!  I was anxious to know if it was fun to take apart the stage.  Well, what do you think?  He told me that it was fun, until the cardboard cutter gets stuck and it takes a minute to detach it.  Last, but not least, (my favorite question!) I asked him if the audiences’ reactions were different in the Netherlands than in the U.S.A.  Again, he replied that yes, in the Netherlands they aren’t as familiar with slapstick comedy, so they laugh more at it, while in the U.S., they already know about slapstick, but they still laugh.

     Rock, Paper, Scissors (Steen, Papier, Schaar) shows you how to make a true friendship.  As a reporter, I found this play to be artistic, funny, informative, and creative.  I encourage you to go soon and watch this play. 

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  1. olivia
    Oct 18, 2012 @ 00:34:29

    That’s awesome Bryn!


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