Isabella reviews Junie B. Jones!

So, you want to know what I thought about the great party and spectacular play, too?  Ok, but first we have to stick with the basics.  By basics, I mean the party.  I loved, loved, loved, loved the party so much!  There were stations at the party.  The first station was called Wrapping Paper.  First, I thought it meant we were going to wrap a present.  But instead we made our own wrapping paper.  The next station was called Cookies.  First I thought we were just going to eat them.  But we actually decorated the cookies and had a candy cane.  Then came a choice of hot chocolate and fruit punch.  I chose hot chocolate.  It came with marshmallows.  Then our third station was called Singing Routine.  I thought we were going to only sing Christmas songs.  But instead we sang one Christmas song and one funny song.  The funny song was first and it was called “The Moose Song”.  The Christmas song was second and it was called “Jingle Bells”.  The last station was called Ornaments.  First, I thought we were going to decorate a tree, but when I saw no tree, then I knew I wasn’t right.  We actually decorated ornaments.  Overall, I loved the party!

Now, I’m going to tell you about the best part.  The best part was the play!  The play was totally awesome!  I loved it so much.  After the play, before the interviews, I was about to scream because it was so good!  The play was about a girl named Junie B. Jones who was in first grade.  She didn’t get along well with a girl named May in her class.  If they kept on fighting, they would have to go to the Principal’s office.  In the class, they picked names for their Secret Santa gifts and they each had a certain amount of money to buy a couple things.  Junie B. did not think she had enough money.  The play was so good, I had tears in my eyes at the end.  All just because it was so good!  By the way, it was also hilarious!  By hilarious, I mean it was so awesomely funny!

Santa Maria and Pinta

After the play, I went backstage for a tour.  I learned that on stage is called center stage.  Behind the stage is called back stage.  The right of the stage is called right stage and the left of the stage is called left stage.



Then I did my interviews.  In my interviews, Katie McFadzen, who was Junie B., told me how she would describe the Junie B. character.  Her answer was sassy, sarcastic, similar to her, and funny.  Debra K. Stevens, who was May, also told me how she would describe her character.  She said misunderstood, lonely, and she also worked hard to get a friend.  Dwayne Hartford, who was Mr. Scary, told me how he would describe his character.  He said patient, kind, and he likes kids.  He also told me that Mr. Scary thinks kids are really active.  Jon Gentry, who was Herb and Grandpa Miller, said he has been a Childsplay teacher and that he’s taught a LOT of classes.  The first one he taught was Wilma’s Revenge.  Kate Haas, who was Lucille and Elf Ellen, told me Lucille was fancy and proud.  (I have also been in her class before!  The class was called Holidays in July.)


Ricky Araiza, who was Jose and Mr. Toot (the music teacher), was not here for the interview.  He was doing a different play.  Michael Peck was Sheldon and Philip Johnny Bob.  (Philip Johnny Bob is actually a stuffed animal.  There was a microphone back stage so he could talk into it.)  My interviews were great!

I think all of you reading this should go see the play!!  Bye now.  See you next time!  🙂



Alex reviews Junie B. Jones!

Did you ever not click with anybody?  Well, Junie B. and May don’t really click and that’s why I think this was a funny play!

The holiday event before the play was very jolly and had lots of spirit worked into it.  Everyone was very happy and cheerful and there were lots of fun crafts.  There was a Junie B Jones trivia contest and the little kids looked like lots of bees swarming around Mr. Colin with the answer to the questions to win prizes, like what was Junie B’s stuffed elephant’s name?  and what is Grandpa Miller’s first name?  I asked the teacher of jingle bells, Miss Kim, her favorite part of the event and it was teaching the kids how to do the choreography for jingle bells.

Junie with Elephant

I asked two of the people who asked the trivia questions and handed out the prizes, Mr. Colin and Mr. Eric, what their favorite parts were.  Colin’s favorite part was handing out gifts to people to make them happy and Eric’s favorite part was just seeing everyone because he and Colin just came back from a two month tour of Rock the Presidents and they missed everyone.

A lot of work went into this whole event.  Jodie planned it all and many people helped.  Miss Kim, Mr. Max and Miss Thea taught people how to dance and sing at the Jingle Bells station.  Miss Samantha and Mr. Steve helped at the ornament decorating station.  Miss Ellen and Miss MaryLisa worked at the wrapping paper station, and Miss Jamie, Miss Jamie, and Miss Jasmine helped at the cookie decorating station.  Thank you all for making such a great time!

The first thing I knew when I walked into the theater that it was going to be a really good play because there were lots of leaves and a school because I’ve always loved school.  When the lights turned on, and the actors came on stage, it looked like a good play because their costume pieces were very artistic including Lucille’s puffy costumes.  It was a hilarious show because there were lots of funny moments and everyone shared a laugh from time to time.  I heard lots of kids giggling in the middle of the funny parts which was really, really cute.  My favorite part of the show was when Junie B and her classmates went to the toy store and they found a really funny surprising toy that they all wanted.  They did a funny slow-motion dance and when the characters froze, Junie B spoke from her first grade journal.  So that is why I suggest going see Junie B. Jones Jingle Bells Batman Smells.

SloMo Junie

Miss Sam gave the Kid Reporters a tour of backstage and the stage itself.  I found out that the actors really doodled in their notebooks on stage while they were sitting at their desks.  They drew snowmen and stuff.  I found out that the boats they used in the Christopher Columbus play are very light.  The props are on tables right off stage so that the actors can just grab them and come back into the scene.  They showed us how you can pull up signs by just pulling a rope, but it’s harder than it looks.  There was a Squeeze-a-Burp that was used in the play so we got to touch that and the huge version that lights up.  We found out that when you pick it up, it has a sensor so that it turns on immediately.


Miss Sam took us to the dressing rooms where we interviewed the actors.  They were hilarious and nice and they always answered my questions with a good answer.

Miss Katie said that this is the 3rd time they’ve performed Junie B. Jones at Tempe Center for the Arts.  They practiced for about 8 weeks total.  The first time they did the play, they practiced for 3 weeks, then 2 weeks, then the last one 2 weeks including tech rehearsals.  When Katie was a little kid, she was a little like Junie B because she was pretty sassy!


Kate’s favorite thing about acting is getting to explore about people and animal characters and getting to be all kinds of people that are very different or similar to her.


Dwayne said that everything is set up back stage so it’s very easy for us to grab stuff at the beginning of the show.  For example, all of his Columbus stuff is set up.

Even though May and Junie B don’t click together, I really clicked with the actors!


Alexander Flores, 3rd grade journal  : )