Alexander Blogs About His First Week at Conservatory


8/31/13 – Week One.  What is Conservatory?  Conservatory is a way to find other acting skills that are more advanced…a way to learn more about what a professional actor does.  Every week, you go to the Childsplay campus and you take an acting class for several hours.  My Teacher-Artists are Mr. John and Miss. Carolyn.  So far, my two teachers are great and always have planned something exciting to do.  Mr. John has been in many plays during the regular performing seasons.  During our first day in Conservatory 2A, we started with the Name Game because there are about 15 kids in our class and we should know each other’s names.  After that, we played a couple games to teach us to use eye contact and build character.  We then came to think on what our theme might be for our whole semester.

I feel the upcoming semester will feel like a big ensemble not even having to do any work because it will be so fun!

Childsplay Academy Reporter


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