Alexander’s Second Week at Conservatory

9/7/13 – Week 2.  
First we sat in a circle and introduced the two new kids in our class.  We wrote down the goals we wanted to improve on for this semester of Conservatory.  After we wrote them down, we handed them to our teachers so they could look at them to know what we each want to work on .  We then played an improv game.  We had to get into a line and two people from the front of the line would walk to the other end and the first person would say something, the second person would respond, and then the first person had to respond again and then goes to the end of the line.  The second person then goes back and gets the next person in line and they do the same thing.  It was fun and challenging.  Soon, we had a break because time there feels like it’s going really fast because we’re doing so much.  We had time to eat snacks and then it was back to acting!  We went over some of the rules of improv, like A Duck Is A Duck.  If someone says “Oh, do you like my new bracelet?” and the other person says “That’s not a bracelet, it’s a cat,” you just lost the whole scene!  So, you should always go along with your partner.  We did that for a while plus a few more games meant to teach us about concentration and observing others and then it was time to go.  Our teaches definitely are excited to teach us.  I will be excited to tell you what happens next week!

Childsplay Academy Reporter

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