Alexander at Conservatory, Week Three

9/14/13 – Week Three. Today at Conservatory, we started off with the topic that our final performance is going to be about.  Our teachers chose the topic The Human Body.  The class was, well, not that into the human body.  We wanted wizards and magic instead.  Soon, we looked at library books about the human body and we discovered interesting things, like you have dreams because what you think of every day gets stored in your brain then your memories come out when you’re sleeping.  After our research, the class decided that the human body is actually a good idea.  It seems magical in its own way.  Then, we had our break then returned to acting!  We did a few games about making up scenes…  It was it REALLY fun because we got a word and then groups of four had to use that word in a small play.  Our word was talkative.  So, we made an old peoples’ retirement center and a volunteer came in and he was very talkative, which drove the old people crazy!  Stay tuned for my next blog.

Childsplay Academy Reporter

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  1. Stormy Light
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 15:50:55

    looks fun, Alexander. I’m going to try this class next time! I love the part about the “Old People retirement center.” -very funny
    Childsplay reporter


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