Alexander’s Fifth Week – The Human Body Rap

9/28/13 – Week Five. This week at Conservatory, we wanted to think about what we are going to do for our play. We decided to do a rap. We looked through a few background tracks that would go with our rap about the human body. We chose one because we thought it had body sounds like hiccups and other things. Then we came up with our rapping parts by working in groups and figuring out song lyrics. Then, we shared them and our teachers collected our writing. Next week, we will probably put the words into a song. We worked a long time on creating our rap. It left a little time for a break and a game. After break, we played a game called Potion at the Party where someone is chosen to deliver secret messages. Everyone walks around and shake peoples’ hands. If the chosen person scratches your hand, you pretend to die. The purpose of this game is to learn to focus on one thing and pay close attention to what’s going on. I’m excited for our sharing and the next week of Conservatory!
Childsplay Academy Reporter

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