Alexander at Conservatory: Movement Day

10/5/13 – Week Six.
This week, Mr. John wasn’t here so we had a substitute teacher named Miss Lauren who was my other Conservatory teacher last year. We focused on movement this week. So, first of all, in small groups, we used our bodies to make pictures. Our teachers would say “make a nose” so my group decided to move our hands up and down in front of us to look like we were breathing in and out. Next was eyes and we put our hands up and to down to gesture us blinking. Then, we kept on doing that for about an hour. We shared our ideas for movement with each other (our eyes, nose, etc.) as a class. After break, we got together in even bigger groups and we made the eyes and the nose out of everyone’s bodies together. It was fun because we got to bend and move in funny ways to accomplish that. Finally, the entire class formed a huge group and we made a big face. Some of use were the ears, some were the mouth and some of us were the eyes and nose. Our teachers said that we had done a good job and they could see the picture of the face we were trying to make. We thought it was amazing and fun and we think we might use this in the play.
See you next week on this same blog!
Stay tuned,
Childsplay Academy Reporter

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