Captain on the Deck! Alexander Blogs About Conservatory

10/26/13 – Week Seven.
  This week at conservatory, we talked about our sharing and if anyone had any additional ideas.  Then, we played Captain on the Deck.  Someone is the captain and everyone else is a sailor.  The captain can yell out “Captain on the deck.” Then, we have to salute him or her.  You have to stay in the salute until he or she says “At ease.”  The fun part of this game is that there are things you can do in between, like be a jellyfish by going on the floor and waving your arms and legs up and down, or getting into a group of five and singing “Starfish, Starfish, Starfish…” Or, you can go to an island (to one side of the room) or be in the ocean (when you go to the other side of the room).  The last person to get to those places without running is out.  The fun part is if they say “Captain on the deck” and you salute.  It’s like Simon Says.  The captain gives orders that you have to follow but you cannot do them because you are supposed to be saluting.  If you follow the orders and stop saluting, then you’re out and you just sit out and watch everybody.  We played that game first to get ready to act.  The game helps us act quickly, think faster, and get creative.  Next,  we practiced the first piece of our sharing which is a kid who falls asleep during class and goes to a weird place in a human body dream, since they were about to show a human body video in class.  We spent the whole morning on that, trying to work on coordination, singing, and most of all concentration.  My teachers said that we are going to work on a human body rap next week. 
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