Alexander at Conservatory, Week Eight

11/7/13 – Week Eight.
  First, we played a game like we always do at the beginning of the day, to get active and prepare for our day of acting and movement, and then we got right into scene work.  We practiced the beginning of our sharing which is about a teacher and his students who have to watch a video about science.  One of the girls falls asleep and then she has a dream about science.  Then we became a large talking face that talks about the human body.  Our whole cast creates the human face.  For example, I’m the mouth, which is good for me!  We worked on that for about an hour and then we had a short break.  We then practiced our other scene that would come in the middle of our play but we will put that together next week with a new scene.  I think that our play is coming along well and that we are all learning so much about the parts that go into creating a play very fast, including all of the things that we have to rehearse and memorize.  People should come see this play because it gives you facts about the human body BUT it is also very funny and exciting.  The cast is very nice and would love for anyone to come see it.  Check out my exclusive Rock-the-Presidents blog as a Childsplay Kid Reporter to learn more about plays.  Check out my previous blogs to see if you might want to join Conservatory.  If you are a big thinker or imaginative and creative, then Conservatory is your thing.  You can get recommended into Conservatory after you have taken some camps or classes first.
Childsplay Academy Reporter

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