Alexander at Conservatory: Rehearsals


11/22/13 – Week Nine. This week in Conservatory,we went straight to work on our play.  We played a game where we recited words from the play that were memorable to us.  Two people starting saying a line from our play and walked around the classroom, then another person did it, then another until everyone had recited a memorable but different line.  When the boy who plays the teacher shouted out his line, we all sat down.  Next, it was time to run through the whole thing.  We ran through all of the scenes until we got to the end and everyone was familiar with the whole play. Our teachers directed us by putting us in the proper places and helped us think about how to say our lines.  The teachers were satisfied but we did goof around a little during the practice and I think we could have done better.  Everyone was tired after the run-through so Mr. John and Miss Carolyn let us take a break.  After the break, we practiced the whole thing one more time!  It got better that time and we did not goof around as much.  Then Mr. John passed out reminders about going to our final practice at the TCA and told us to make sure to take the stage door and wear actor blacks.  “Actor blacks” means that you wear all black so people can imagine what’s happening and we don’t have to use costumes.  Last week, I interviewed my teachers and Miss Carolyn said that she thought that we were rehearsing well and she is satisfied with our work, though she thinks that we need to focus a bit more. Mr. John said that he was also satisfied and thinks the play is going to be a great success.

We’re looking forward to our performance on December 18th!

Until next time,
Childsplay Academy Reporter

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