Review of “Super Cowgirl and Mighty Miracle”

By Lily Fox, Childsplay Kid Reporter, Age 7.

scmm lily4

Should you go see Childsplay’s Super Cowgirl and Mighty Miracle?  Yuppy puppy!  I don’t think I blinked during this entire play.  If you are a parent, you might cry, because it is deep and emotional and kinda sad too, but it is not sad at the end.  My mom cried and so did other people.  It is about a girl who wants to be a cowgirl and a stray dog she finds.  She has to go to her grandma’s house because her dad doesn’t have enough money to pay the mortgage on their house.  I had to ask my mom about this, and she explained that this is what the grandma is talking about when she says the bank steals people’s houses.  It is a new play, and it was written by Jose Cruz Gonzalez.  When I interviewed them after the show, the cast members said that it was very exciting to perform a new play and it was different every time they performed it.

scmm lily

I think this play is really important because it helps young children realize that there are lots of different kinds of families.  Do you have a family that is not a “picture book” family?  The girl, Cory (played by Osiris Cuen), is living with her grandma (Chanel Bragg) instead of with a dad and mom, and that works as a family too, even if it is hard at first for the grandma and Cory.  When I interviewed the actors, Chanel Bragg said she came from a family that was big and loud in a good way, and all the other cast members came from big families too, but they could understand what it was like to be in a small family.   I think it was also important that the story took place in a kinda bad neighborhood (there are scary dogs loose there), because kids need to see all kinds of neighborhoods in plays and stories.  Some of the themes were a little bit scary, but the show itself wasn’t too scary for little kids.

scmm lily2

It was also funny.  For instance, Grandma Autumn gave Cory some chicken soup and she kept saying it was “chicken poooooooop.”  And did you know that when Cory asked for Tabasco Sauce, they used real Tabasco Sauce?  She doesn’t actually eat it, though.  During the backstage tour and interview, I also learned that there are actually four different hats for Grandma Autumn’s church hat (the hat is important in the plot).   They need to be different in different parts of the story and they couldn’t change just one hat fast enough.  Here’s how the dog (played by Carlos Lara) wags his tail:  he actually has a seatbelt attached to a piece of cardboard that is attached to a wire, so if he moves his behind, his tail wags.  He was really good at acting like a dog!  His woof sounded like a real dog.

scmm lily3

It is too bad this play isn’t showing for a longer time, because I think lots of kids should see it.  My family is not the “picture book” kind either, and this was one of my favorite Childsplay plays ever!

Childsplay Kid Reporter

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