Nate reviews “Junie B. Jones”


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Hi, I’m Nate Fox, Kid Reporter for Childsplay! I just saw the play Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! I thought it was really funny because all the actors were super old but they had to act like first graders. But they used high school desks for them so that they could fit. It was also funny because Junie B. kept saying words wrong like first graders do a lot!

The play was mainly set in an elementary school classroom and was about Junie B. Jones (Kate Haas) and how she had to deal with another girl, May (Kaleena Newman), who was her arch-enemy and the worst tattletale in first grade! Worst of all, Junie B. had picked May’s name for the Secret Santa Party. Oh, no!

The funniest prop of all was the Squeeze-a-Burp. It was made from a piece of plastic that the actors pretended to squeeze to make the noise. But actually the noise was made by the sound guy who recorded a bunch of giant burps and used a button to make it come over the speakers whenever the actors squeezed it!

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There were lots of characters in the play including Classroom One teacher, Mr. Scary (Dwayne Hartford) and the music teacher (Jon Gentry) whose name was really funny because he was called Mr. Toot!become a kid reporter

There was a cool part of the play that they added which was a flashback to another Junie B. Jones book called Shipwrecked. In that part, we learned how Junie B. and May had argued and fought over whose ship was the fastest and this was the beginning of how they grew to not like each other very much.

So, why should you go see this play? Well, first of all, the play happens around Christmas, the season of giving. There’s lots of laughter and fun and cool characters and sets and in the end Junie B. learns some valuable lessons about how it’s better to give than receive and not be mean.

When I went backstage, I got to see how they made all the sets drop in and fly out. There were 2 ropes on each section. And if you pulled the front rope it dropped things. If you pulled the back rope it pulled stuff up to make it disappear. Also, did you know that the toys at the holiday gift shop are actually real toys!!

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One special character in the play is Junie B.’s favorite stuffed elephant named Philip Johnny Bob (voice by Tyler Eglen) who talks to her about the holiday presents and makes her think about the decisions she’s about to make.

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Also, all the activities in the lobby were fun to do while we were waiting for the show, because you got to make your own Junie B. Jones glasses. And you could make your own jingle bells song. It was so much fun.

Here’s mine!!!  jingle bells

Transcription: Junie B. Jinglizer! Created by the Fox Family.  Rolling through the snow in a 6 horse open sleigh. Over the desert we go, blubbering all the way! Door and cowbells ring, making spirits shine! What fun it is to joke and sing a silly song tonight!

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