“The Boy Who Loved Monsters & The Girl Who Loved Peas” – Reviewed by Nate

Do you like monsters? Do you like peas? Do you like a crazy play full of imagination and color and fun? Well then, I have the perfect play for you! Come and see the The Boy Who Loved Monsters & The Girl Who Loved Peas! It’s an exciting play! This is why I think that.

photo 6

First, when you walk into the theater, you see a house of colors and imagination. The wallpaper has fun and exciting monsters and the doors and windows are crooked and bended, and that makes it fun and really cool. Also another detail is everything is full of bright colors and the lights keep changing colors, too. Many things in your imagination may be weird and crazy, but not as crazy as Evan’s imagination!

photo 3

Speaking of Evan, I might as well get into the characters. The characters were Tyler Eglen as Evan, Michelle Cunneen as his sister Sue, Debra K. Stevens as Mommy, Mel Reid Glotfelty as Daddy and Katie McFadzen as the Monster. But not a scary monster. A really cool monster!


In the beginning, the family is eating dinner. Little sister Sue loves peas. EVAN DOES NOT! But he needs to eat his dinner and that last pea. Mom and Dad are too busy playing with their smart phones and iPad. And Evan wishes that he can have a monster to come play with him, and eat his peas for him, and eat his parents because they never play with him!

As Evan’s imagination grows bigger, the pea grows bigger and bigger and bigger on his plate…and then turns into the monster he’s always wished for.

When I went backstage, I even got to pretend my head was the pea on Evan’s plate!

photo 1

The monster (named Pea!) becomes Evan’s friend and helps Sue and Evan use their imaginations to have fun and play games. One cool part of the play is when Pea uses the tablecloth to show them different games like using it as Dracula’s costume, or wearing it like a ghost, or making it into a fort, or using it for a bull fighter’s cape!

Also, there is a giant trunk of toys and Evan and Sue arrange them in a circle to go back to Pea’s home in monster land. But they come back!

In the end, Pea and the kids show their parents that it’s more important to have fun and play with the family than to be addicted to technology and always watching YouTube videos, playing Mario or sending emails all the time.

Come a little early, there are fun activities to do before the show. My favorite activity was using your own hand to make a monster hand out of foam and colorful shapes. It was very fun!


I loved this play and I hope you do too. It is everything you need to step into the world of monsters and let your imagination go crazy.

Drawing by Nate Fox

Kid Reporter

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jonathan Graham
    Feb 25, 2015 @ 23:40:47

    Thanks for that great review, Nate, and thanks for that great monster picture! –Jonathan Graham (the playwright)


  2. Jenny fox mum mum
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 15:19:59

    Great review I am so proud of you wish I was nearer so I could come and see it


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