Sophie “Sees” Girls Who Wear Glasses


Have you ever felt that you can’t see the world very well?  Just put on your glasses!  Things will come into focus as you watch this amazingly funny play.  You won’t be able to see the world the same way ever again.  Your eyes will play tricks on you as you look upon the backdrop.  Not all the glasses shown are real, but the blurry letters on the stage sure are. The issues the characters face are real, too. Ever since I watched the play, my vision is stronger than it used to be.


Girls Who Wear Glasses is about a girl named Mira who is starting sixth grade with her two best friends, Tiffany and Lindsay.  She discovers that she needs glasses on the first day.  Her friend Tiffany is disgusted by the glasses but Lindsay doesn’t seem to mind too much.  Mira meets two other girls who also wear glasses.  They are named Iris and Claire. They soon become friends with Mira.

Iris and Tiffany say that Mira had to choose between one group of friends or the other.  Glasses or no glasses. Old friends or true friends.  Until SNAP!  Mira’s glasses break!  Tiffany thinks it is perfect, but Mira isn’t so sure…


A unique thing about the production is that there are only four actors.  The actors each have double roles except Mira.  Mira is played by Kaleena Newman.  Iris and Lindsay are played by Osiris Cuen. They are never in contact with each other, because they are played by the same person!  Claire and Tiffany are played by Jamie Sandomire.  Katie Haas is Mira’s mom and teacher. You would think it would be confusing for the audience watching the same actor play separate characters but the actors are so good, and the characters so different, they keep the story moving and the play enjoyable.

The play made me laugh and also helped me see how we can like each other for our similarities and our differences.

Go see the play if you want to “see” more, too!!!


Kid Reporter

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cora Fox
    Mar 25, 2015 @ 19:12:09

    Great review, Sophie! I love the way you play with the word and the idea of “vision.”


  2. Sophie
    Mar 30, 2015 @ 03:13:56

    Thank you very much. It was very fun to write. I hope you got to “see” the play as well.


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