Elena Interviews the Cast of “Sideways Stories from Wayside School”

SSWS Cast Pic

This wacky Wayside School of wild and whimsical things will surely put a smile on your face. The show was an original take on the book series Sideways Stories from Wayside School. The show changed the way I thought about giving an apple to a teacher!

SSWS Elena StudentSSWS Elena Window










The story is about the different things that happen in Wayside School. Wonder why its called that? When the school was being built, the architect read the plans wrong. Instead of thirty classrooms in a row, he built thirty classrooms on top of each other. While you’re watching the show, look for the classroom clock, the cow, the world’s longest pigtails, and Mrs. Zarves.


I interviewed the cast about the show and their acting careers. Let’s meet them! The cast: Jon Gentry (Mrs. Gorf, Mr. Gorf, Mr. Pickle, Sammy), Tommy Strawser (Myron), Katie McFadzen (Leslie, Miss Valooosh), Yolanda London (Rondi), Michael Thompson (Dameon), Angelica Howland (Bebe), Eric Boudreau (Louis),  Debra K. Stevens (Mrs. Jewls). Here are some of my questions and the cast’s answers.

SSWS Interview

If you had to play a different role, who would you play?

Yolanda:  If I had to play a different role, it would be Mrs. Gorf. Villains are great fun to play!

Can any of you relate to your characters in any way?

Jon: I can relate to the crazy.  The character I personally relate to the most is Mr. Pickle.  He doesn’t have a problem with taking advantage of a person if he can get away with it.  [Another cast member said “that’s pretty revealing about you, Jon!”]

When did you start acting? 

Eric: In my freshman year of college, so 12 years ago.

Do you work for any other theater companies? 

Michael: Whenever I get cast, I show up!  I do a lot of work at Stray Cat Theater, also Phoenix Theater, Arizona Broadway and Space 55.  But I do love Childsplay!

What’s your favorite costume? 

Angelica: Miss Valooosh.  All that curly blonde hair!

What is your favorite prop or costume piece to work with?

Debbie: My purple GoGo boots! When I was in elementary school, GoGo boots were really hot and my mother wouldn’t let me have them because she thought they were tacky.  So I’m going to go home tonight and call my mom and tell her I’m wearing GoGo boots! : )

SSWS Silly Cast

Whether it’s the crafty students making mischief, or the teachers going mad, this show will have twists and turns you won’t expect!

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