Kid Reporter Clara’s A Christmas Carol Review

Hi! My name is Clara and I’m one of the Childsplay Kid Reporters for the 2017 season!

Recently I saw “A Christmas Carol” starring Katie McFadzen as she narrated and acted single-handedly for an entire 80 minute performance. Let’s not forget about everybody else that made this show possible though! They couldn’t have done it without the director, Matthew Wiener. Or the costume designer, Kish Finnegan. Of course you also need the lighting designer, Cody Soper, sound designer, Brian Jerome Peterson, and stage manager, Sarah G. Chanis who also took me on a wonderful backstage tour!

Now let’s talk about the show. It was amazing! The lights, set, and costumes were all so cool! I loved how every sound effect matched up with Ms. McFadzen’s actions perfectly. Not to mention that she hardly ever had a chance to take a breath between every sentence she had memorized! I loved the play and I hope you do too.

Here’s my video review of “A Christmas Carol”!

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