I’m Alexandria but you can call me Alex.

I am 9 years old and live in the Ahwatukee area of Phoenix along with my parents, my 5-year old brother James, two cats, (Bernini and Nefertiti) and a dog (Shakespeare).  I’m in the fourth grade, where I am a member of student council.

I stay busy outside of school participating in activities including piano, gymnastics, and I have a red belt in karate. So watch out!  😉

I love performing, and am excited to be enrolled in the Childsplay Fall Musical  Theater Marathon. My favorite Childsplay performance was The Boy Who Loved Monsters and the Girl Who Loved Peas because it seemed just like my brother and me.

When I’m not participating in school or activities, I love reading, especially fiction and biographies, and I’m a big fan of great characters such as Harry Potter, Emily Windsnap and Junie B. Jones.

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