Charlotte’s review of The Phantom Tollbooth

What’s your favorite word?  Mine is ‘bravo’!  It’s a word used to express approval when a person has done something well! Childsplay’s current play The Phantom Tollbooth deserves the word bravo, as well as, the words exciting, hilarious, curious, and the number 47, which is the number of times I laughed during the show!  The Phantom Tollbooth is the boredom-busting show of the season.


Brady’s Review of Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure

Hi! I’m Brady, Childsplay Kid Reporter for Wonderland: Alice’s Rock and Roll Adventure. Meeting everyone and seeing the set up close was so cool! (The show was cool enough before I got to see how they did it. I’m here to tell you all about it.

Did you know that one wall backstage was completely covered in cables and pulley systems to pull curtains and fun set pieces, and that they were all controlled by one person during the show?!


The backstage area in the Mainstage wasvery different from their smaller theater where I saw The Yellow Boat. Though there was more room, there was something new everywhere you turned. First there was all the pulley systems (like I said earlier), next was the costuming/quick change area. There were tables with mirrors and wigs on the table and racks with the actual costumes to the side of that. Next, right before you enter the stage, there were prop carts with all the cool props and handheld things they used during the show. On stage, there was a big tree with a chandelier, a white sheet acting as a rabbit hole, and a tea table. There were also musical instruments like guitars, pianos, and even a drum set! And everywhere there were secret areas onstage where people put small handheld percussion instruments and small props.

The question that I was most interested in asking was “Did you know how to play the instrument you played in the show before you came to the show and when did you learn?” Most of the cast answered that they did know how to play their instruments before theycame, but Lauren (The Red Queen) said she didn’t know how to play the bass before she came which was so surprising because she and the rest of the cast was awesome!


I really hope you come to see Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure before Childsplay moves on to their next magnificent show!

-Brady, Kid Reporter

Noelle’s review of The Grumpiest Boy in the World

Hi Kids! It’s me, Noelle!

Today I am going to tell you ALL about The Grumpiest Boy in the World brought to you by Childsplay Theatre!

Have you ever created your OWN world – using only your imagination?

Has a giant ever played along with you?

Do you know you are special just by being you?

Check out what The Grumpiest Boy in the World has to say about all this, in my newest video review right here.

Watch the review with your family, and then come say hello to me at the next show!
Noelle, KidReporter for Childsplay Theatre

Alex’s Interrupting Vanessa Review

Interrupting Vanessa is an extremely enjoyable and complex play, both funny and a little sad at times.  It’s got jokes, BOOMS, and best of all messy rooms! It’s also got important lessons about dealing with loss, being understood, and finding a friend when you least expect it.

I loved seeing the play, and talking with the awesome cast afterwards.  Like the play, they really made me think.  I hope you go see it, and enjoy my video!

Kid Reporter Brady’s Reviews The Yellow Boat

Hi! I’m Brady, Childsplay Kid Reporter for The Yellow Boat. I had a great time meeting the cast and crew and learning every trick and hack from costume hooks in the wings to trap doors with props and costumes pre-set in them.

Did you know that in their green room, they have a can of chocolate frosting? They also have all the food you could ever want.

The backstage area was very crowded with lights and set pieces, so you can imagine how hard it would be to do a costume change or to find a prop. Debra K. Stevens (Joy/Ensemble), who actually knew the real Benjamin, said that her favorite part of the show was when she had her first long scene with Benjamin, when he was guiding her to make a face for a doll to give to another patient.

I really hope you like my review of the show and I hope you go to see The Yellow Boat at Tempe Center for the Arts this weekend (last chance!).

The Cat! The Cat in the Hat reviewed by Sawyer

I was so excited to share a birthday with the Cat in the Hat (the play) at Childsplay Theater

— of course, the Cat is 60 and I’m only 9 but it was still so much fun to report on this story that everyone knows and loves.

I hope you go see it with your family!

Sawyer’s Review of A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday

2016-11-20 12.54.33.jpgHi!

I’m Sawyer and I am so excited to tell you all about A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday!

It was a wonderful play with so much music and holiday cheer. I loved it! I also enjoyed meeting the cast and interviewing them. They are the nicest people and gave me great advice about becoming an actress!

Watch the video review to see why this play should be your family’s holiday outing this year!

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