Elena’s Review of “Perô, or Mysteries of the Night”


Perô, or Mysteries of the Night is an unforgettable play with incredible actors and set designs. The play takes place in Italy. Perô, a humble baker, falls in love with a childhood friend named Colombina. Colombina is a lovely washer woman. With the help of the sun and the moon, Perô gets the courage to tell Colombina of his love for her. But when Palatino, a painter with a colorful personality, sweeps Colombina off her feet, Perô is heartbroken. Colombina and Palatino get married and go on a honeymoon. Colombina soon realizes that she doesn’t love Palatino, she loves Perô. Will Colombina go back to Perô? Go to the show to find out!


This show is truly amazing. I took a stage tour and I got to look around the set. The houses that Perô and Colombina reside in come apart! Cool, right? The actors have to work hard to move the puppets because the puppets are heavy. Also, the sun and the moon have to sing, act and play instruments. Triple threats!

I also interviewed the cast members.

Elena: What was your favorite song from the show?

Kristen (The Sun): Oh gosh, I love them all for different reasons but I love “White” because it’s so pretty. It’s when Colombina is deciding she’s going to go back and I get to dance with her.


Elena: Was it fun to learn how to pronounce Italian?

Dwayne (The Moon) Yeah.  I actually sang some songs in Italian in college so it was fun to get used to it again, and to get the rolling R’s going.


Elena: What was your favorite prop to work with?

Jon (Perô and Paletino):  Perô was my favorite prop.  One of my favorite props was the washing machine because it actually spins.  Other than Perô, I like turning the washing machine on and off.


Elena: What was your favorite line from the show?

Katie (Colombina): “I want to go home.”


Elena: Did you know how to play the piano, saxophone, percussion and flute before the show?

Kristen:  I knew how to play the piano a tiny little bit, and I majored in flute for one semester in college so I played it all my life.  I had to learn the sax, and the drums I just banged. The sax and flute have similar fingering so that made it a little easier.


Elena: How long did you have to rehearse?

Dwayne: I started working on the piano part about six months ago, practicing every day.  I studied piano growing up so I had a good foundation. I had to get my fingers back in shape.  I hadn’t played since we did the show the last time fifteen years ago.  The actual rehearsal time for the show was four weeks.


Elena: The show is really awesome and complex so why was it only open for two weekends?

 Jon:  It was the particular slot of the show. Sometimes slots are based on the idea that people are more likely to come to a show they know, like Charlotte’s Web, as opposed to a show they are not familiar with like this one.


Elena:  Was it hard to sing, play an instrument and act at the same time?

Dwayne: Yes.  Especially because the way the score was written, I was playing the piano but it was not the same melody line I was singing.  The piano might be playing up and I’m singing down, or the tempo is different.  It was really challenging for me. But not for Kristen – she’s a pro.

Kristen: No, it was hard for me, too.


Elena: What would your happily ever after be?

Jon: Sleeping at this moment in my life. I’m always tired at the end of the weekend.

Dwayne: Being with my dog and him living as long as I do and being able to eat ice cream every night and being with people that I love.

Kristen: I have two kids and I’m hoping I’m telling them the right things to make them wise and wonderful.  Making the right parenting choices and adulting choices.

Katie: World peace. 🙂


Perô, or the Mysteries of the Night is a must see show. The director, Onny Huisink, has created a masterpiece. I will leave you with one final thought. When you love someone, tell them. 🙂

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Elena Interviews the Cast of “Sideways Stories from Wayside School”

SSWS Cast Pic

This wacky Wayside School of wild and whimsical things will surely put a smile on your face. The show was an original take on the book series Sideways Stories from Wayside School. The show changed the way I thought about giving an apple to a teacher!

SSWS Elena StudentSSWS Elena Window










The story is about the different things that happen in Wayside School. Wonder why its called that? When the school was being built, the architect read the plans wrong. Instead of thirty classrooms in a row, he built thirty classrooms on top of each other. While you’re watching the show, look for the classroom clock, the cow, the world’s longest pigtails, and Mrs. Zarves.


I interviewed the cast about the show and their acting careers. Let’s meet them! The cast: Jon Gentry (Mrs. Gorf, Mr. Gorf, Mr. Pickle, Sammy), Tommy Strawser (Myron), Katie McFadzen (Leslie, Miss Valooosh), Yolanda London (Rondi), Michael Thompson (Dameon), Angelica Howland (Bebe), Eric Boudreau (Louis),  Debra K. Stevens (Mrs. Jewls). Here are some of my questions and the cast’s answers.

SSWS Interview

If you had to play a different role, who would you play?

Yolanda:  If I had to play a different role, it would be Mrs. Gorf. Villains are great fun to play!

Can any of you relate to your characters in any way?

Jon: I can relate to the crazy.  The character I personally relate to the most is Mr. Pickle.  He doesn’t have a problem with taking advantage of a person if he can get away with it.  [Another cast member said “that’s pretty revealing about you, Jon!”]

When did you start acting? 

Eric: In my freshman year of college, so 12 years ago.

Do you work for any other theater companies? 

Michael: Whenever I get cast, I show up!  I do a lot of work at Stray Cat Theater, also Phoenix Theater, Arizona Broadway and Space 55.  But I do love Childsplay!

What’s your favorite costume? 

Angelica: Miss Valooosh.  All that curly blonde hair!

What is your favorite prop or costume piece to work with?

Debbie: My purple GoGo boots! When I was in elementary school, GoGo boots were really hot and my mother wouldn’t let me have them because she thought they were tacky.  So I’m going to go home tonight and call my mom and tell her I’m wearing GoGo boots! : )

SSWS Silly Cast

Whether it’s the crafty students making mischief, or the teachers going mad, this show will have twists and turns you won’t expect!

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