The Cat! The Cat in the Hat reviewed by Sawyer

I was so excited to share a birthday with the Cat in the Hat (the play) at Childsplay Theater

— of course, the Cat is 60 and I’m only 9 but it was still so much fun to report on this story that everyone knows and loves.

I hope you go see it with your family!


Sawyer’s Review of A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday

2016-11-20 12.54.33.jpgHi!

I’m Sawyer and I am so excited to tell you all about A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday!

It was a wonderful play with so much music and holiday cheer. I loved it! I also enjoyed meeting the cast and interviewing them. They are the nicest people and gave me great advice about becoming an actress!

Watch the video review to see why this play should be your family’s holiday outing this year!

Alex’s Review of Rock The Presidents

I loved Rock the Presidents!  Usually politics are boring, and campaign commercials are mean, but Rock the Presidents was totally FUN and AMAZING!  The video below will tell you all about it. I hope you watch it and then go see the play!

Alex- Kid Reporter for Childsplay Theatre


Hi I’m Noelle, Kid Reporter for Childsplay Theatre!

Noelle2.jpgJunie B. Jones is Not a Crook performed by Childsplay!

The play was amazing!

I used this Press Pass to take an exclusive backstage tour and interview the cast!

You can watch my Kid Reporter Video right here!

This video will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the play. Will you watch it with your family? Then you can come to the next show and say “Hello!” ~ Noelle, Kid Reporter for Childsplay Theatre.

Noelle is a Kid Reporter for Childsplay Theatre, a member of the Family Review Team at & contributor at “Snacking with Joy!” at


Lizzie reviews A Wrinkle In Time!

“It was a dark and stormy night.” So begins the tale of Meg Murry, a stubborn girl who is the only one who can save the universe. Sounds simple, right? She only has to tesser through all of space and time, find a long-lost father, and defy the unimaginable tug of hypnotism from IT . . . not so simple.

Madeline L’Engle’s classic book A Wrinkle In Time is brought to an entirely new level in Childsplay’s stage play, directed by Dwayne Hartford. This thought-provoking story starts with Meg Murry and her nerdy brother, Charles Wallace, who always seems to be able to read her mind. Then a mystifying stranger turns up, telling them that there is such a thing as a “tesseract.” Soon the siblings meet Calvin and together they discover Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which, three magical ladies who send them on the quest of a lifetime. They journey using the “tesseract,” a short way of travelling through time. They find Meg’s father on an evil planet controlled by IT—a giant brain Meg must confront whose hypnotism is incredibly strong.

Lizzie goes backstage and meets "IT" !!

Lizzie goes backstage and meets “IT”

“A Wrinkle in Time” stars Rebecca Duckworth as Meg, Will Hightower as Calvin, Cullen Law as Charles Wallace, Debra K. Stevens as Mrs. Whatsit, Yolanda London as Mrs. Who, and Kyle Sorrell as Father, and they all did an incredible job on the stage! When asked what they hoped the audience would take away from this play, Yolanda London answered, “Meg learns [at the end of the show] that what she considers to be her faults are ultimately what saves her . . . There’s something cool and awesome about accepting who you are and using exactly who you are to make your world better.”

Lizzie backstage in the "green room" interviews the cast!

Lizzie backstage in the “green room” interviewing the cast!

Lizzie talking with Rebecca Duckworth.

In addition to the fantastic acting on stage, the costumes, designs, and stage technology were also a wonder. Behind a screen, wired lights were strung across the back of the stage to create the stars. Debra K. Stevens’ (Mrs. Whatsit) winged centaur costume had beautiful, giant wings that extended out when Rebecca Duckworth (Meg) operated them from her seat on the horse body. Many fly-in objects were put to use as well, and pulleys and ropes operated them. On the floor of the stage, tape was used to mark where props stopped and moved during the production. The cast practiced six days a week for three weeks from ten to five o’clock PM until they got into the actual theatre, when they practiced ten out of twelve hours per day! The stage director, Samantha Monson, had only three days to put together all the lights, sounds, fly-ins, and technology—and that turned out to be one of the best parts of the play!

Lizzie gets an exclusive look at the lights.

Lizzie gets an exclusive look at the lights.

Lizzie gets up close and personal with Aunt Beast's costume.

Lizzie gets up close and personal with Aunt Beast’s costume.

I thought A Wrinkle in Time was one of the most humorous, clever, engaging, and best plays I have been to. As Rebecca Duckworth (Meg) said, “When I was a kid and the schools took us to see shows like this, I remember those very vividly, and they changed my life. Reading a book is an amazing thing, but seeing a story on stage, for me, is entirely different and much more powerful.” I know I will remember this one for many years to come, and I’m sure you will too! A Wrinkle in Time has been brilliantly put together to create a phenomenal production you’ll never forget!

Lizzie with the entire cast of A Wrinkle In Time!

Lizzie with the entire cast of A Wrinkle In Time!


Bryn Reviews Recipe For Disaster!

Bryn with cast of Recipe For Disaster.

Bryn with the cast of Recipe For Disaster.

One boy’s dream almost crushed because of a silly argument.  This young boy, better known as Apprentice, is trying to pass the “Big Test” in order to become a certified chef, just like his grandfather was. When he is introduced to this test, Headmaster runs himself into a humongous mistake; he chose two chefs instead of one! A competition between these two chefs, both wanting to become the “Chosen One,” creates a recipe for disaster. Their little inputs become so immense that, in the end, the poor boy’s dreams are almost ruined, until he has one more chance:  dessert!


Bryn in the “green room” interviewing the cast!

Bryn interviewing Kate Haas and Jon Gentry.

Bryn interviewing Kate Haas and Jon Gentry.

David Dickinson and Ricky Araiza answer Bryn's questions.

David Dickinson and Ricky Araiza answer Bryn’s questions.

In order to make this disastrous recipe a recipe for success, you must add the right ingredients!  When I asked cast members Jon Gentry, David Dickinson, Kate Haas, and Ricky Araiza the unique question of “What ingredients make your recipe for success,” I received very interesting answers.  Kate Haas (Chef 1) told me that, in order to have a recipe for success, you have to have a sense of humor and good communication. Ricky Araiza (Apprentice) thought that having a supporting family and friends plus one main goal is the recipe.  Jon Gentry (Headmaster) said that you got to have the money! The REAL recipe for success is all of those mixed together!

Bryn gets to see all of the props used in the show, including the most delicious prop - the pudding!

Bryn got a look at all of the props used in the show, including the most delicious prop – the pudding!

My curiosity always takes the best of me, so I asked them a question that would allow me to snoop inside their refrigerators. Asking them to name only three ingredients they would want most in their fridges provided much information to me, and helped me understand what mattered the most to them. Jon Gentry said that, no matter what, he needed pepper, cheese, and milk. Kate Haas gave me a similar answer composed of cheese, apples, and bread. David Dickinson (Chef 2) answered, saying that he needed eggs, bread, and peanut butter.  Ricky Araiza went unique, saying hot sauce, cheese, and spinach. A very interesting combination, if you ask me.

Bryn discovering the magic of the set on her exclusive backstage tour!

Bryn discovering the magic of the set on her exclusive backstage tour!

The opposite of success is disaster, so I asked them, “What is your biggest disaster that has ever happened to you on stage?” David Dickinson told me that his biggest disaster ever was when he was going to perform at a school and he completely forgot his costume in the trunk of his car 30 miles away! Luckily, someone drove out to get it just in time. A completely different story, Jon Gentry told me that his disaster was when he dropped a glass fishbowl, causing it to shatter everywhere. He had some shards in his hands and knees, so when he walked he left bloodied footprints everywhere. He did say he was exaggerating just a little though! Ricky Araiza told me of the time that he got locked out of a car he had to take to a performance at a school and came an hour late. On the other hand, we have Kate Haas, who trips on stage, no matter what type of shoes she is wearing!

Once this play starts, you are instantly engulfed with laughter! It is such a riot that everyone from my grandfather down to my little brother enjoyed it. With such funny comedy in this show, it is a must see!



Isabella Reviews Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type

Before I saw the play, I read the book.  I was wondering how the cows, hen, and duck were going to look.  When I read the book, I didn’t think it was that funny.  But when I saw the play, it wasn’t funny, it was hilarious!  I loved the play so much because of the cows, the hen, the duck, and Farmer Brown and the characters were very funny.  The characters had a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm makes everything more interesting.  I positively know that you will love the play!  The play was totally awesome!  I loved it so much, especially after the play, before the interviews, I was about to scream because it was so good!

Isabella types a message on a typewriter in the lobby. This is part of Childsplay's 360 Degree Activities.

Isabella types a message on a typewriter in the lobby. This is part of Childsplay’s 360 Degree Activities.

The play was about a farmer who had a farm, the cows and hen wanted electric blankets, and a duck wanted a diving board.  Also, it seemed like the duck and hen were in love!  The play was so good.  After the play, I went backstage for a tour.  I remembered from my last interview that on stage is called center stage, behind the stage is called back stage, the right of the stage is called right stage, and the left of the stage is called left stage.

Isabella takes a swim in Duck's pond!

Isabella takes a swim in Duck’s pond!

Isabella peaking out of Farmer Brown's house.

Isabella peeking out of Farmer Brown’s house.

Then it was time for my interviews.  Yolanda London, who was Cow1, said her character is strong and non-violent.  Katie McFadzen, who was Cow2, said that she has been in more than 100 plays!  This year is her 30th year and her first play was in 1993.  It was Debra K. Stevens’ birthday when I went to see the play.  She was the hen.  Her answer was that she loved being the hen!  Tim Shawver was Duck.  He answered his question and said I do love my character.  John Moum was Farmer Brown.  He said that he loves Choir.  My interviews were not great, they were spectacular!

Isabella interviews the cast in the green room.

Isabella interviews the cast in the green room.

I loved the play like always 🙂 All of you people reading this should go watch that spectacular Childsplay show right now!

From The Kid Reporter,


Isabella with the cast of Click Clack Moo after her interviews.

Isabella with the cast of Click Clack Moo after her interviews.


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