Hi, I’m Noelle!

I am SO excited to be a Childsplay Theatre Kid Reporter!

I am 9 years old and in the 4th Grade.

My favorite foods are Chicken Paprikash (this is a homemade dish my Great Grandma taught me to make), Pizza with Pineapple, and Hamburgers freshly grilled by my Dad and Uncle Tim.

I have to wear Bifocals but that doesn’t stop me from playing basketball, baking, doing flips in gymnastics, or 4 wheeling in our Jeep. My favorite activity of all time is hanging out with my family and friends.

A book I think is splendid is The Wizard of Oz because of my favorite character, the Tin Man. Jumanji is a movie I think is magnificent because the little boy turns into a monkey and other hilarious events happen in this movie. I love going to the Nutcracker Ballet with my Grandparents and Family every Christmas. This year I will be singing an angel solo in a Christmas musical. I am more excited than I have ever been about that!

I am happy to be a Kid Reporter so that I can go to the plays, interview the characters and tell everyone about how fun it will be for them to go see the show!

Signing off, I am Noelle Brownlee, Childsplay Theatre Kid Reporter!

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