Hello! I am Sawyer and I am in third grade. I live in Gilbert, Arizona. I like to horseback ride and love to do theater too! I just finished a main stage production of the Music Man in which I played a River City Child and was a dancer. I also take theater camps and was Tinkerbell, Flounder, and Little Red Riding Hood! I take voice lessons every Monday to improve my singing voice. Acting is fun because you get to express yourself and you can sing and be flashy while wearing cool costumes. I also like the back end of theater because I like seeing props being built, and watching the show come together. I like to spend time with my family playing golf and watching movies together. My favorite movies are the Music Man, Lion King and Secret Life of Pets. My favorite thing to do with friends is listen to music and dress up like Pop Stars. My favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza and chicken. My favorite Childsplay performance was Goodnight Moon because the characters were very good actors and I love the colorful set. The reason I want to be an actress one day is because I love being up on stage and performing in front of a crowd.

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